SFSF Awards 2017

Again, it’s been something of a quiet year for SFSF. We’ve been hibernating and plotting, and working on lots of other things, and fitting the Socials in with everything else on the calendar proved to be one step too far – our apologies for that, but we will be back in the new year, promise!

Meanwhile, it’s time for the annual giving of awards! Last year’s format worked nicely, so we’ve kept the judges, the rituals, and the absolute lack of public accountability to bring you a selection of worthy winners that we believe you should all read.

Best Anthology

Pacific Monsters, ed. Margret Helgadottir (Fox Spirit Books)
Escape Artists Podcasts (Pseudopod, Cast of Wonders, Escape Pod, Podcastle)

Best Novel (The Skadi Award)

So many contenders for this one this year! Thank the gods everyone’s a winner, eh? Imagine the bloodshed and chaos if we had to choose just one…

The Court of Broken Knives, Anna Smith Spark (Voyager)
Under the Pendulum Sun, Jeanette Ng (Angry Robot)
Age of Assassins, RJ Barker (Orbit)
The Ninth Rain, Jen Williams (Hodder)
The Rift, Nina Allan (Titan)
100 Best Video Games That Never Existed, Nate Crowley (Rebellion)

The Mycroft Award for Best Completed Series

Shades of Magic, VE Schwab (Titan)
Fitz and the Fool, Robin Hobb (Voyager)

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